Office Party

Oh my god! That office party was too hard. Maybe I should not have drunk the last shot. Or shot before or the one before that one. Haha… the tequila the boss offered me was awesome. I really enjoyed it. “Maybe you enjoyed the tequila too much!” my colleague Samantha told when I stumbled out […]

Stumbling Home After Work

Damn! I really should stop drinking at work. Yesterday I left the office like this. Luckily nobody saw me weaving through the floors of our office building. Sipping some vodka from time to time I emptied nearly half of the bottle, while I was working. I was staggering like this. Haha… You wanna know how […]


I think I drink too much. After brakfast I decided to go to the stable. Before I left I took a hard hit from the bottle. Hmmm…god that is so good! I love vodka. Immediately afterwards I felt the effects of the booze. Everything was dizzy. I even had problems to get into my riding […]

Last Saturday

I was out last weekend. The party was bad but I had a nice time with my friends though. After I cleaned my apartment I surfed through the web to find some shoes and clothes. To make shopping more fun I made myself a Gin Tonic. No, that is not correct. Several. 🙂 To be […]