Leaving the Club

Wow…I guess I had a few too many. Damn I am #drunk as hell. But when a man says: „Wanna have a #drink? I simply can´t say no. The result is – as you can see above – I am leaving the club weaving from side to side. Haha… . Well I must admit that I like it. Do you think I´m slutty? Maybe I am. But I like it. And I like being #drunk. And I love #vodka and #tequila.

Maybe I love them a little too much. lol. Thanks to my friends I do know how I left the #club. Because I have no idea how I ended up in my bed. Hm…but I still don´t know where this bottle of #tequila next to my bed comes from. Well it doesn´t matter anyway. I think I will have some right now!


© PartyingGirls 2017


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