Office Party

Oh my god! That office party was too hard. Maybe I should not have drunk the last shot. Or shot before or the one before that one. Haha… the tequila the boss offered me was awesome. I really enjoyed it.

“Maybe you enjoyed the tequila too much!” my colleague Samantha told when I stumbled out of the toilet.

“You can´t walk straight. You are drunk as a skunk!”

“Hic…maybe buuut it doesh tashte good…hic.”

“Common let´s find somebody who brings you home!”

While I was trying to follow Samantha I bumped into the wall twice. I knew that Samantha was right. I had to close one eye to stop the double vision.  But I was still feeling well. Besides I love that drunken feeling. Maybe I love it a little too much.

Finally Samantha found someone who brought me home. It must have looked like this. 😉

© PartyingGirls 2017






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