Last Saturday

I was out last weekend. The party was bad but I had a nice time with my friends though. After I cleaned my apartment I surfed through the web to find some shoes and clothes. To make shopping more fun I made myself a Gin Tonic. No, that is not correct. Several. 🙂

To be honest. I got very tipsy. At 7 p.m. I finished surfing and chose to get ready for the party. Damn my legs felt unsteady and my brain was very dizzy. I put on a nice jeans, blouse and some boots. While I was waiting for my friends I continued drinking. Wow! I am a lightweight. So I am not used to drink that much alcohol.

After an hour my friend called me and she told me the plans had changed. We would meet at her place. So I finished my drink with a few large gulps and stumbled over to her apartment. When I arrived the girls were having shots of vodka. I joined. 🙂

Two hours later we werde all weaving to the party. Damn I felt so dizzy. I can´t remember what happened at the party. All I know we had lots of fun and lots of shots. 🙂 When I woke up next morning my head was still spinning. Dammnnn… time for a margharita!

Cheers 😉



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