Drunk after Birthday Party

I love this dress and these black suede #boots. I wanted to look great when went out for a blast last night. But I did not expect to wake up in that dress. We went to a friend´s birthday party. When I say we I mean my best friend and me. He´s great! He brings […]

Christmas Party

Oh my god! That office party was too hard. Maybe Jessica should not have drunk the last shot. Or shot before or the one before that one. Haha… the tequila the boss offered her was awesome. She really enjoyed it. While Jessica was trying to follow Samantha she bumped into the wall twice. She knew […]

Drunk at the Swimming Pool

Wow! This holiday was too hard so far. 😉 Though life is really good here. Getting up late and having cocktails just after lunch. What this lifestyle does to me you can see in the video. Haha… How many tequila, vodka and cocktails I had when my friend made this video? Honestly I don ´t […]

Business Conference

Haha! Look what I have just found on my iphone. That is me and Ashley at a business conference a few years ago. Damn we were both drunk as hell. But I did not know that we were tumbling like that. We had some drinks before we went to dinner. At dinner we ordered an […]

Drinking and Barbecue

A friend shot the video. We had lots of Bahama Mamas at the Beach Bar. I love this place. Maybe I love it too much. But the cocktails are so good. Very often I find myself in bed the next day without even knowing what happened the night before. Insted I have a huge hangover. […]